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Welcome to Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate

Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate was formed in 2001 following the closure of the renowned commercial season/day ticket fishery of the same name. A small core of dedicated season ticket holders formed the Syndicate with the help, guidance and continued support of the previous management. Most of that core remain and new rods have been introduced by the membership when a vacancy has occurred from time to time.

Our limited membership covers a range of individuals from many walks of life, all soul mates joined together by several common denominators. Apart from our love of fly-fishing we all share an acute awareness of conservation of everything connected with our wonderful sport and where we practice it. We are passionate anglers with varying degrees of experience and skill, the respect for our quarry is always to the fore and the comradeship amongst us is something quite special. We cherish our privileged privacy in superb surroundings beautifully maintained by the estate management, shared only with the fantastic wildlife which abounds.

The Syndicate encourages a healthy social side with regular meetings and functions when partners and guests are warmly welcomed. Most of us seem to find enough competition in everyday modern life and organised competitive angling is not on our agenda although friendly rivalry often leads to impromptu fish counting and a lifting of casting tempo!

Our rule book is kept to an agreed minimum and is there for guidance with all the rules self governed. Our waters are stocked with top quality Trout from our excellent suppliers who provide an average weight of over 4 pounds per fish and our members have several opportunities to bring a guest angler with them during the season. To sum up we have an efficiently managed Syndicate that we are truly proud of but never take for granted.

Angling Trust/Fish Legal

The Angling Trust represents all game, coarse and sea anglers and angling in England. Fish Legal (formerly the ACA), use the law to fight pollution and other damage to the freshwater and marine environment and to protect the rights of anglers and angling.

Together they support the interests of individual anglers, clubs and organisations and ensure that angling's voice is heard at the highest level. Their members play a key role in shaping and funding our activities. Find out about their membership categories, join or renew by visiting the link above.

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Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate Rules

1.  The Syndicate will annually elect a five-man committee to oversee the running of the syndicate.

2.  The committee will be required to meet 4 times a year with a quorum of 3 present.

3.  The committee will have the final say in any dispute between members.

4.  The committee will have powers to expel any member breaking syndicate or landlord rules without repayment of any subscriptions.

5.  A Special General Meeting can be called at any time by the Chairman for any specific reason. A SGM can also be called at the request of five or more members, given in writing to the Secretary, stating the reason(s) for the request and any proposal(s). At such SGM, which shall be called within 30 days of such a request, no vote may be taken on any proposal(s) other than for which the SGM was called. A quorum for a SGM will be fifteen members. The Chairman's casting vote will be used to break any deadlock.

6.  Water to be fly fished only using only one rod, with a floating or intermediate line. Single hooks only. No droppers. Wet, dry fly and nymphs only. No lures, boobys or sight-bobs.

7.  The syndicate will consist of a maximum of 47 rods (including the landlord's rod). All members must carry current E.A. rod licences and display their syndicate membership card whilst fishing. Members must login using the touchscreen in the Lodge before commencing fishing and when fishing is completed register their catch and logout. Should any member fail to leave a record of his fishing a two fish total will be entered against the members cumulative total for the season.

8.  All trout caught to be killed up to a maximum of forty fish per season. Members are permitted a maximum of four fish per visit. All fish to be correctly entered into the recording system in the Lodge. Once members have caught their annual limit of forty fish they must cease fishing for the season.

9.  The season will run from Sunday 15th March to Sunday 31st January the following year inclusive. Fishing will be seven days a week with no fishing on Christmas Day.

10.  Rods are not transferable, with the exception of the Landlord's.

11.  Members will be entitled to invite 6 guests per season when members are permitted a maximum of six fish per visit. Only one guest per day who must be accompanied onto the water and at all practical times during his/her time at the fishery. All syndicate rules will apply to the guest and all fish killed will be counted against the Member's total. The guest must be signed in and out using the Lodge computer touch screen and Guest Book before fishing. No guests on first opening weekend.

12.  All members must park their car in the secure car park provided when they arrive to fish.

13.  No litter, especially waste nylon, is to be discarded anywhere on the property except in any bins provided.

14.  Members using the fishing lodge and toilets must keep them clean. If use is made of any catering facilities members must clean and clear up after themselves.

15.  The peace, privacy and safety of the farm, its inhabitants and animals must be respected at all times along with all syndicate members and any other anglers on the estate.

16.  Members must not damage or remove any animals, bird's eggs, plants, nests, amphibians or reptiles.

17.  Annual subscriptions are payable as one cheque dated 31st January or in two instalments, one cheque dated 31st January and a second cheque for 30th April. Members wishing to renew must forward cheques to the Treasurer on or before 31st December. Any Member not having forwarded their cheque/cheques on or before 31st December will be deemed to have resigned from the Syndicate unless any exceptional arrangement has been agreed with the Committee within that period.

18.  Members visiting the syndicate waters must come with the intention to fish. Members are not allowed to use the fishery and/or the Lodge for the purpose of a meeting place without any intention to fish on that day, unless by prior arrangement and consent of both the committee and the landlord.

19.  Members have no vehicular or pedestrian right of access through The Farm.

20.  Members are required to comply in all respects with the landlord's restrictions a copy of which is appended to these Rules.

21.  Croxley Hall Fisheries, Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate and/or its employees cannot be held responsible for any accident and/or injury to anglers or their possessions, including motor vehicles however caused, whilst on the premises. It is the angler's responsibility to ensure they are protected and are aware of the dangers of fishing before entering Croxley Hall Fisheries' premises.

22.  Health and Safety.
Members must declare themselves fit and capable to pursue fly fishing at Croxley Hall Fisheries (Trout Syndicate Waters) when they renew their membership each year.
Members are required to notify a committee member in writing or email immediately if a medical condition or disability subsequently affects them after they have re-joined as a member of CHTS.
Notifiable conditions are anything that could affect your safety whilst on the Croxley Hall estate including your ability to safely release or dispatch fish after capture. They could include:

  • Epilepsy
  • Strokes
  • Other neurological and mental health conditions
  • Physical disabilities
  • Visual impairments
Should any of the above conditions subsequently apply to you after you have declared yourself fit and capable at the beginning of the trout fishing season, the CHTS committee must be informed immediately. The committee and landlord would then meet to consider if it will be safe for the member to continue to fish at CHTS.

Please note if your Doctor advises that you cannot fish under any circumstances you must inform the CHTS committee immediately and you must not fish.

A full copy of all the Syndicate Rules and details of how the Syndicate is run by the elected committee is provided for all members prior to joining the Syndicate.


Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage to property or persons however caused whilst on the premises of Croxley Hall Farm, or Croxley Hall Fisheries at Croxley Hall Farm, Rickmansworth, Herts. WD3 3BQ

Landlords Restrictions

The following restrictions are placed upon the Syndicate Members by the Landlord not withstanding any further rules and restrictions which the Syndicate may place upon it's members in due course. Any breach of these conditions by a Syndicate Member shall entitle the Landlord to exclude the member(s) from any further fishing at Croxley Hall:
Syndicate members shall not :

  • 1.1 Fish or enter the premises on Christmas Day.
  • 1.2 Enter the property before 6.00 am or be on the property after dusk or 10.00 p.m. whichever is earlier.
  • 1.3 Fish any other lake other than which they are allowed to.
  • 1.4 Bring dogs, spectators or non fishing persons onto the property unless by special arrangement with the Landlord.
  • 1.5 Bring caravans tents or trailers onto the property or car park with the intention of camping during the day or night.
  • 1.6 Leave any litter, discarded line or any other material or objects on the premises.
  • 1.7 Sell, give or donate any type or form of fishing permit or allow any other person to fish their place in the syndicate.
  • 1.8 Fish by any method other than fly fishing.
  • 1.9 Leave the lodge or toilets in any untidy or unclean condition as a result of their own use. Any breakages or damage should be reported to the Landlord within 24 hrs.
  • 1.10 Remove, kill or dispose of any fish other than trout without the prior consent of the Landlord.
  • 1.11 Introduce any fish without the prior consent of the Landlord.
  • 1.12 Use the Members Lodge for a meeting without the prior consent of the Landlord.
  • 1.13 Make any alterations to the lakes, erect any shelters or make any planning applications to the local planning authority without the prior consent of the Landlord.

The Syndicate will undertake the following :

  • 2.1 Restrict its membership to a maximum of 45 persons exclusive of Landlords rod.
  • 2.2 Supply the Landlord with a full copy of Membership Rules.
  • 2.3 At the end of the term (28th February) give up all rights to fish and enter the property and leave all fish in the property which will become the property of the Landlord.
  • 2.4 Pay the Landlord the BASE RENT in advance for the fishing rights to the Lakes for the period 1st March until 28th February in respect of a Syndicate Membership of no more than 45 Members.

The Landlord shall reserve the right to renew or to refuse renewal of the fishing rights after the one year term commencing 1st March.

The Landlord shall reserve the right to review the rent charged for the fishing rights after each term of one year.

Additional Rules requested by Landlord.

There shall be :

  • 1) No pedestrian or vehicular access to any of the lakes through Croxley Hall Farm except for deliveries of trout to stock the lakes or emergency vehicles.
  • 2) No activity other than fly fishing on the lakes.
  • 3) Locked gates at all times at the entrance to the Fishery via the footpath below the existing Car Park. Syndicate members will be provided with a key or combination lock(s) to enter the fishery and the fishing lodges/toilets.

Croxley Hall Fisheries operates a "no publicity" policy. All publicity by members and their guests including text/images/stories/blogs/website forums and social media websites about Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate or it's fish or anglers (whether named or not) is banned. Members can upload images/text and videos to the CHTS website but cannot reproduce this copy elsewhere.

Lodge System

Croxley Lodge Login and Logout System

The lodge system has been updated to improve logging in/out and to provide better information. It is operated using either the touch screen or the voice activated feature.

When the system has been idle for some time, the screen will either be blank or a Screen Saver will be displayed. Touching the screen displays the Start page showing seven buttons. If speech has been enabled, the Test Speech button will also be enabled (described later).

Start Page
Report Options

Four of these buttons provide reports. The Fishing Now button displays all members logged in including Carp Syndicate members and other staff. It shows the date/time members logged in and if they are accompanied by a guest.

Members Fishing Page

The Weather Report button displays the current weather conditions and a two-day forecast. This is updated every 30 minutes from a local weather station in Rickmansworth.

The Trout History button shows the latest catch results for both Willow Lodge Lake and the New Lake. It also shows the combined total of damaged fish from both lakes.

The Carp History button provides Carp Syndicate members with the latest catch results.

Clicking the OK button on any of these pages closes them and re-displays the Start page.

Logging In

As the name suggests, the Log In/Log Out button is used by all syndicates, bailiffs and staff to log in and out.

Log In and Out

If required, the Back button can be used to close the Log In/Log Out page and re-display the Start page. The Clear button clears any membership number previously entered ready to re-enter. Once a correct membership number has been entered, the Next button displays the Trout Confirm page.


This page displays the syndicate as well as the member's name. As some members belong to more than one syndicate, it is possible to log in to the wrong one. Members are advised to confirm their name and syndicate carefully before clicking the Yes button. The No button closes the Confirm page and redisplays the Log In/Log Out page if required. The Yes button displays the Guest page.

With Guest

Either button completes the login process and shows the Welcome page with an appropriate message depending on which button was clicked. This page also shows the member's current catch details.


In the event of an invalid login (forgotten guest etc.) DO NOT log out and in again as this causes several system issues that are difficult to correct. Instead, contact a committee member or a member of staff and report the problem. If no one is available, send a text the fishery manager or leave a note in the lodge.

Logging Out

The logout process uses the first two steps as the login process (enter and confirm number/name). When the Yes button is clicked on the Confirm page, the first of two catch pages (one for each lake) are displayed, starting with Willow Lodge Lake.

Trout 1

The right and left Arrow buttons increment or decrement the values shown between them. The four categories represent the fish type, Browns or Rainbows. Clicking the Next button without entering any catch details assumes no fish have been caught from Willow/Lodge Lake. The Next button displays the New Lake catch page.

Trout 2

This page is the same as the previous one except it record any fish caught in the New Lake. It also has a Re-Start button to return to Willow/Lodge catch page if required. Clicking the Next button show the Confirm Catch page.

Trout 3

This page provides an opportunity to review the catch details entered and re-start if required. Clicking the Next button displays the Damaged page.

Trout 4

This page simply records any damaged fish dispatched during the session. As with the previous pages, the right and left Arrow buttons increment or decrement the value.

Once the Next button has been clicked, no catch entries can be added or existing entries changed. IT IS THEREFORE IMPORTANT TO CHECK CATCH DETAILS AND CORRECT IF NECESSARY BEFORE CLICKING THE Next BUTTON.

Once all catch details have been recorded, a message is displayed on the final page.


In the event of logout problems (system not responding, wrong fish types or missed entries etc.) DO NOT log in and out again as this causes several system issues that are difficult to correct. Instead, contact a committee members or a member of staff and report the problem. If no one is available, send a text the fishery manager or leave a note in the lodge.


All system features accessible using the touch screen are also available though speech. The speech recognition system works on a dictionary of specifically selected words that can be tested using the Test Speech page.

All the words in the dictionary are displayed as black text in the centre of the Test Speech page. Speaking between one and four of these words or phrases in a single sentence reproduces them as blue text at the top of the page. A sentence is recognised by a silent period of half a second or more. For best results, always speak clearly in a normal voice and only speak the words shown.

Speaking the word "OK" will cause the OK button to activate and close the page.

Word Matching and Background Noise Explained

When the speech recognition system detects speech, it analyses each word individually and ranks it against every word in the dictionary. The word finally selected represents the highest ranking. For example, the words HARP, LARK and MARK would probably be a 60%-70% match to the word CARP and be selected, even though these words are not in the dictionary. Background noise or other people speaking will be detected by the speech recognition system from some distance away and result in one or more words. For this reason, background noise should be eliminated or the touch screen used.

Enabling/Disabling Voice Recognition

When the screen is blank or the Screen Saver is showing (sleep mode), the system will only respond to the words " Wake Up Lodge". When the Start page is showing (the page with six large buttons), the system will enter sleep mode when the words " Go To Sleep Lodge" are spoken (this will also occur automatically after 2 minutes of system inactivity).

Numeric Values

All numeric values should be spoken as individual numbers between 0 and 9. For example, a membership number of 1090 must be spoken as "one zero nine zero" and not "ten ninety" etc.

What to Say

Irrespective of what page is displayed, speaking the text on any button displayed is the same as touching it. The speech recognition system is context sensitive and only responds to words that are currently displayed on buttons on the screen. For example, if the Trout Catch page was displayed, the only acceptable word would be OK, as this is the only button on that page.

When recording catch results, speak the number followed by one of the categories. For example "2 Rainbows Returned" or "1 brown taken" etc. This also applies to damaged fish: "1 Damaged Fish".

Before using speech, the Test Speech page should be used to ensure the speech system recognises your voice and any accent.

Turning Speech On and Off

When logging in and out, the speech recognition system may be active even when using the touch screen only. It continually interprets all speech and background noise and may interpret it as a request to click any of the buttons displayed. This is a normally a result of other people speaking or making a noise.

If you find this is happening to you or are with other people, you can turn speech recognition off by toggling the Speech On/Off button on the Start page. When toggled, the button text changes to either Turn Speech Off or Turn Speech On.

When approaching the lodge, please be considerate by keeping noise to a minimum and do not enter if you see someone using the system.

Croxley Hall Weather

Latitude N 51° 38' 20" Longitude 00° 27' 20.5" Elevation 49m
This weather station covers the Rickmansworth postcode area WD3 and is updated each time it is viewed. The meteorological day used at this station ends at midnight.
Temperature and Humidity
Forecast for Today
Forecast for Next Day

3-day forecast for Rickmansworth from BBC Weather
Copyright: (C) British Broadcasting Corporation

Contact CHTS

General Data Protection Regulation

The new regulations on data protection (General Data Protection Regulation - 25th May 2018) will have widespread impacts on how Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate can contact you, how we store your data and what data we keep.

GDPR and How CHTS Contacts You
Even though you may voluntarily complete the contact form below and send us your private data (name, postal address, email address, telephone numbers etc.), we still need to get your permission for CHTS committee members to use it to contact you. At the bottom of this page are two options, one of which must be selected before you submit the form. If you opt to give permission, we may contact you using the data you provide us. You may withdraw your permission at any time by using the same contact form. If you opt not to give us permission, we will not contact you.

Any data you send to our website is deleted from our web server once processed by a CHTS committee member. Data is sent to our web server using a secure encrypted link. We do not share your data with anyone outside of Croxley Hall Trout Syndicate.

If you are applying for membership, please provide as much information as possible such as other venues fished etc. If you know any existing CHTS members, please provide name(s) only after obtaining their consent. The amount of information you provide is entirely your choice.

Please select one of the two options below before submitting this form. If you opt not to give us permission, we will not contact you.

 I give Croxley Hall Trout Syndication permission to use the data in this form to contact me.

 I DO NOT give Croxley Hall Trout Syndication permission to use the data in this form to contact me.

Usefull Links

Angling Trust
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Colne Valley Fisheries Consultative
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